Petite Éclair , my deaf dog (and other abandoned pets stories)

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And other abandoned pet stories. 

We need a change. As species and as a community.

Humans consider ourselves far superior than other species. One of the consequences being that we treat some animals as objects. When a pet is causing inconveniences to our lifestyle, we are capable of disposing them as trash.


My name is Petite Éclair, I’m an Argentinian Dogo mix and like the 10% of my breed, I'm deaf.

My story starts July 9, 2017,  the day I found my new parents, I was 7 months old back then, my coat was full of fleas and I was very tired from days of running. 

Caty (my new human mom) started noticing I wasn’t aware when someone came into a room and didn’t react to loud noises. She found out I’m deaf, which is probably the reason why I was abandoned. 


My mom learned  sign language so we could communicate. Thank’s to Deaf Dogs Rock (very cool humans who rescue and teach  about deaf dogs), she was able to learn about my special needs and super amazing abilities.

Now my animal brothers and sisters learned it as well, so we have a funny show set up when visitors come over. We're thinking about getting a manager and going on tour...

Every day, pets are abandoned nearby farms because their owners are unwilling or unable to take care of them anymore. 

Redland (the area we live in) is now considered a "dumping ground" for unwanted pets, as mentioned on this article published 5 years ago.

After Eclair, we found Brûlée (the fabulous farm cat ) very sick outside our house and then Brie showed up in poor condition  when the pandemic started.

On Februrary this year 2 more dogs were left on my farm and thankfully, the guys from SHARE (Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort) took over . My neighbour is already taking care of 9 dogs herself, and now people are also leaving Python snakes on the area,  becoming a big issue because they're altering the ecosystem.

We are grateful for our fury friends, and we are now a very happy family because of them, but we can't take any more animals on our farm, and they keep showing at our door begging for love and care, and it's heartbreaking.

What Can You Do to Help?

Well, besides the obvious, which is NOT abandoning pets on rural areas  you can:


  • Adopt instead of buying 
  • Neuter your pets
  • Become a volunteer or donate to non profit organizations who are making great efforts on taking care of rescuing, neutering and finding new homes for abandoned animals. Some of them are:

A Tail to Remember

 Animal Sanctuary /Homestead, Florida

Deaf Dogs Rock

Deaf Dogs Rock is a National non-profit organization that advocates and sponsors deaf dogs/puppies into rescue.


Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort, Inc. is a registered nonprofit 501(c)3 rescuing & rehoming German Shepherd Dogs in South Florida.

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