All Bees are Queens

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Beautiful, strong and essential for life. I think that bees are the flying proof that we are part of a big, complex and perfect design that only works when each part plays it´s part.

Bees pollinate more than 80% of our cultivated crops. And I mean worldwide, not just in our farm. By avoiding the use of harmful pesticides we can help protect this amazing creatures.


🐝 Don´t use pesticides that are poisonous for them 

 🐝 Plant flowers around your crop (I like Marigold) 

 🐝 Support local beekeepers by getting your honey from local farmer´s market 

 🐝 Avoid planting lawns. Lawns are literally desert for insects and for wild plants because lawns usually never have plants beneficial to bees and are cut too often so plants never get to bloom. 

 🐝 Even if you just have a small balcony you can install a little water basin for the bees to drink during the warm day of summer. Put a few stones and floating cork on the water so bees won’t drown! 

 🐝 Educate yourself and your children about bees. Bees are not dangerous; they forage on a flower and don’t attack humans. By better understanding them we will learn to better respect them.


Marigold is one of my favorite flowers to plant around my crop for bee pollination. You can shop for seeds and garden markers on my shop.

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