This special collar for dogs is very strong and safe for its owner and their pet.
We have the texts "I AM DEAF", "I AM BLIND", "I AM BLIND AND DEAF" and "DO NOT PET" in bold and easy to read.
You can change the outside of the necklace between 5 beautiful colors, blue, red, turquoise, pink, and multicolor. This collar has an adjustable strap to fit your dog's neck size and the comfort of a snap closure.
Product details:
Neck with snap closure.
It opens and closes easily to guarantee total comfort.
They are adjustable to fit the dog's neck.
Includes metal ring to hold the strap.
Our products are made with a sublimation process that makes the image permanent on the material.
The image will not fade, scratch, or peel.
They are made to order.

SMALL: 10" to 16" x 5/8” In
LARGE: 18" to 26" x 1” In

Colors may vary slightly from monitor to monitor due to monitor settings and the nature of manual product development.

-Textile necklace
-Plastic closure
-Steel strap ring.

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