Dog Collars

  • This collar has an adjustable strap to adjust to the size of your dog's neck and the convenience of a snap closure.
  • The text is in bold lettering and easily read.
  • Opens and closes easily to ensure total comfort.
  • They are adjustable to fit the neck of the dog.
  • Includes metal ring to attach the leash.
  • Our products are made with a sublimation process that makes the image remain permanent in the material. The image does not fade, it does not scratch or peel off.
  • They are made to order.


SMALL: 10 " to 16" x 5/8”In

LARGE: 18" to 26" x 1”In

Colors may vary slightly from one monitor to another due to the configuration of the monitor and the nature of the manual development of the product.

Materials: - Textile collar - Plastic closure - Steel leash ring.