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Flowers are such an amazing gift from nature. maybe that´s why we use them as gifts to celebrate love or to let someone know we care about them. 

Flowers are beautiful for a reason: they're meant to attract pollinators, so having flowers in your garden or even in your home is always a great way to contribute to protect precious beings such as bees.


I enjoy harvesting Chamomile so much! When I'm harvesting Chamomile, and I hear the click! while picking each flower, I feel at ease immediately. 

I use a LOT of Chamomile at home to treat my dog´s eye infections


Chocolate Mint


  • Chamomile blooms best in a location with full sun, but it will grow in partial shade, too. In fact, in hot Southern climates, chamomile benefits from a bit of afternoon shade, which will help keep the blooms from drooping. 
  • Chamomile grows beautifully in raised beds and containers, too, but each requires a different, lighter soil. When planting in pots, fill them with a light, premium potting mix
  • Chamomile needs about an inch of water per week when young. Once established, it’s fairly drought tolerant—let it dry out between waterings, but make sure to water during extremely dry periods. The best way to know if you need to water the chamomile is to stick your index finger into the soil about an inch down near the base of the plant. If it’s moist—no need to water. If it’s dry, time to give it a drink!
  • Harvesting chamomile is simple, as it’s considered a “cut-and-come-again” herb. Harvest flowers after they fully open, when the petals begin arching backwards toward the underside of the bloom. Snip the flowers with pruning shears, catching them in a bowl for an easy harvest. Leaves can be harvested anytime, but never take more than 1/3 of the plant.
From: https://bonnieplants.com/how-to-grow/how-to-grow-growing-chamomile/


Marigold is beautiful as well as useful. 

The marigolds are proving to be great for their ability to attract and feed pollinating insects

Does Chocolate Mint taste like Chocolate? Not really...it does smell like it, but the taste resembles a citric mint.


Chocolate Mint

Marigold is also great for medicinal purposes:

  • Lowers Inflammation and Free Radical Damage.
  • Reduces Eye Inflammation and Conjunctivitis. 
  • Has Natural Antiseptic Properties 
  • Heals Skin Wounds, Burns and Rashes.
  • Helps Reduce Hemorrhoid Pain.
  • Eases Cramps and Spasms.
  • Naturally Repels Bugs.

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